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Global Missions, Local Outreach

Global Missions

We actively continue in Christ's mission to spread His gospel to the nations.  As a church we do this through supporting church planting and pastoral development worldwide.

 Below are some links to organizations that we steward our giving towards:

The Belz Family > Reach Global > Pathways Training

belz fam

  The Otto Family - Ethnos360 


Short Term Trips - LCF Global

We believe that short term trips help to shape our church and broaden their understanding of the need for the Gospel worldwide.  Click on the above "Short term trips" link to see how we do that.

Local Outreach

When we make it our mission to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we understand that the world is very near to us every day.  We make an effort to reach our own neighborhood through benevolence and mercy ministries, but we understand that local outreach is best done in our own homes by opening ourselves up to the world around us.  

Below are some links to local ministries we support.

Child Evangelism Fellowship - Doug Nickel